Zaterdag 8 oktober
Tim Reaper + Kyrist + Rizzle & more
23:00 (Doors: 23:00)
Jupiler Zaal
23:00 (Doors: 23:00) | Jupiler Zaal
€ 17,50 - Early
€ 20 - Normal
€ 22,50 - Late

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  • drum and bass
TRIBE turns MEZZ upside down on the 8th of October 2022 for a night full of deep drum and bass and mustache sweat. Expect tight bass lines that melt harder than your tosti. Sauce included. We’ll switch up the tempo from time to time, so get ready to fully immerse yourself into the night. We can’t stop this rumble.
The VJ will turn it up, supporting the fascinating stage design. After huge blinking eyes, spinning flowers, smoke-breathing 3D dogs and a romantic horizon – we will create something dazzling that you can gawk mindlessly at while you gnaw your frikandel with Zaanse. Expect filthy happiness everywhere you go.
The Popcafe will be open for only the most serious business. Who will win totally-sober-chess or is the master in sjoelen? Let’s get needlessly competitive! With plenty of seats you can also rest your legs after this fierce drill on the dancefloor or plop down to connect with the gems of tribesmen.
Dress code: wear shoes please
Times: 23:00 – 04:00 o’clock
Hope to catch your sweet moves on our floor. Keep it greasy! 💜
Tim Reaper [UK]
Kyrist [UK]
Rizzle [UK]
TL-27 [NL]
Flexusz [NL]
Innate [UK]
Wolf Pax [ [NL]
Minimum age is 18. 

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