Vrijdag 29 september
BSO x Synthesis
22:00 (Doors: 22:00)
Kleine Zaal
22:00 (Doors: 22:00) | Kleine Zaal

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Synthesis: – the composition or combination of parts or elements to form a whole.

The passion for breakbeat and bass runs deep in Breda. Numerous artists are paving the way for our beloved city – reaching further still beyond the intimate borders; even pushing their sonic repertoires onto international stages.

For the sake of maintaining tradition, we proudly present a brand-new addition to the already strong, but fairly limited amount of events that cater to this local scene.

To nurture, inspire, and unite. For the fans and artists… And for the love of the timeless sounds, we cannot live without!

Welcome to Synthesis.

Age: 18+


Nemy is rapidly becoming one of the renown names in the international drum ‘n bass scene. His signature-style compositions have been endorsed and released by the VISION Recordings. More recently, the Engram EP on Four Corners Music stands testament to the (sub)sonic evolution, undergone by this hugely talented artist from Serbia. Visceral, gloomy, tantalizing soundscapes, with a strong emphasis on rhythm entwined in bassline progression.

And for the very first time playing a DJ-set in The Netherlands. What’s more: when Black Sun Empire and Posij don’t sleep on his meteoric ascendency, then neither should you!


Leniz’ began writing music at the age of 12. Fast-forward roughly ten years, and he’s one of the household names in the Dutch Liquid-scene right now.

Liquicity, Differential, Goldfat, Galacy, Soulvent, Fokuz Recording… serious rep through an increasingly growing catalogue. His first album dropped in 2022: Perceptions of Reality, which got a sweet remixed version on Differential: Different Perspectives on Reality, featuring none other than a collab with scene-legend Seba.

His recent signing at MB Artists only furthers what’s in store for (and by) Leniz. But without further ado, get ready for his first gig in Breda at Synthesis!


Nebulate (Truls), born in Germany in 1996, grew up in the Netherlands, where he pursued his love for music. He started playing the piano at the age of 7, leading him to study music education at the Maastricht conservatory.

Now, as a music teacher, this multitalented musician shares his expertise in primary and secondary schools, both in the Netherlands and Germany.

Nebulate is also a dedicated producer in the electronic music scene. He explores various genres, with drum ‘n bass becoming his true passion. He recently won a remix competition hosted by Neonlight for the track ‘Bullhead’, earning him a release on the frontrunning Dutch label Blackout Music from Black Sun Empire.


Who other, than F-Key (Fons) to compliment this strong line-up? The versatile scene-head from Breda remains one of the sickest local DJ’s in drum ‘n bass and jungle.

Fons packs tons of experience and even shared (international) stages with greats, like Enei, Xtrah and Nymfo.

While repping for Wetje Leggen, one of the strongest collabs put forth by BSO, F-Key is sure to kick the mood of this first Synthesis into next gear. As he draws countless, neatly blended combinations from his huge selecta, let the music take hold and expect the unexpected!


Those who can’t do it, write about it. Shady Gestures hardly enjoyed comparable success as an artist, but it did not stop his involvement in pushing the local and Dutch scene.

Mostly as an interviewer for UKF – by having the chance to feed his curiosity through highlighting inspiring artists, mainly from the Netherlands. And there’s more to come in that sense, for Breda too!

To kick-off the very first Synthesis, Shady Gestures will pay homage to the deeper sounds of dubstep, then transitioning to drum ‘n bass.

Hosted by: Hyphen MC

We are thrilled to announce Hyphen MC as our master of ceremonies on this special night. Championing more than ten years of experience, MC’ing for names like Noisia, General Levy, AMC, Aries, Guv, Macky Gee plus so many more.

Hyphen’s proven mastery of timing and the spoken word will surely magnify the atmosphere, while also upping the ante from a spiritual and inclusive perspective.

What sets this MC apart is their dedication to fostering a safe environment: “As long as people feel seen, heard, valued and respected, where they can be themselves in a safe and comfortable environment. Only then is my job as an MC truly fulfilled.”

All about letting go of any form of negativity and transmuting it into collective bliss.
Join the vibes at our first Synthesis.

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