Vrijdag 23 februari
x Love For Low Frequencies
23:00 (Doors: 23:00)
Kleine Zaal
23:00 (Doors: 23:00) | Kleine Zaal
Vanaf € 7,50

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  • Breakbeat
  • drum and bass
  • jungle
After a sold-out first edition, Synthesis returns in style. None other than Dutch drum 'n bass don Nymfo will be taking over together with his label Love For Low Frequencies (LFLF)! What to expect? No-nonsense drum ‘n bass, and nothing less.

LFLF champions a sound that’s second-to-none as far as modern sound engineering goes, but remains true to the core essence of the genre: the drums, the bass and the very spaces in between.

Techy, minimal and contemplative soundscapes will melt and blend into a continuous journey. And yes, accessible as well.

A 100% drum ‘n bass crowd is lovely, but there are lots of people that don’t know the genre – that’s why I like it to play a party with a mixed up crowd, aiming to convert some people to the lovely music that is drum ‘n bass – Nymfo



  • Nymfo b2b Felov
  • TER3NCE b2b Lian Feldd
  • Mindset
  • VOXI b2b Abstract
  • F-Key b2b Shady Gestures

Tickets on sale while they last, limited capacity.

Age: 18+

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