Donderdag 28 november
+ Mind Rays
19:30 (Doors: 18:30)
Jupiler zaal
19:30 (Doors: 18:30) | Jupiler zaal
€ 15

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Na tien wervelende jaren heeft Raketkanon besloten te stoppen. Met drie fantastische albums op zak en unieke shows op de mooiste plekken kunnen we niets anders zeggen dan dat project Raketkanon een succes is!  Nog één keer komen ze naar MEZZ met een belachelijk intense liveshow.

Raketkanon creëert hun eigen taal van gesmoorde piepjes en geschreeuw, rollende riffs op smaak gebracht met wervelende synth soundscapes en electronica-geregen beats en hypnotiserende grooves. Raketkanon spreekt de taal van muziek zoals je nog nooit eerder gehoord hebt!

Statement band

The past ten years have been beyond any expectations we would have dared to even dream.

We found a way of creating something in a way that felt unique to the four of us, with an ever growing group of likeminded fans and friends by our side from all over the world. Those people who went along on our ride – be it in the sweaty and ecstatic crowd of a live show or in a bedroom in front of a laptop – we owe a lot of gratitude.

Assessing that ride we had, we find ourselves arriving at the end. We have made three albums we’re all very proud of, went to the most beautiful places, met the most heartwarming people, and now feel like we have succeeded in artistically expressing ourselves sufficiently in this capacity. (Which is arguably the primary reason to make music in the first place)

To all the people who showed us their love, worked with us, introduced us to their friends, bought our albums, stole our albums, carried us over their heads, showed us their sincerity. To everyone who helped us out when we were lost – geographically or otherwise, everyone who sang along to our non-existent lyrics, everyone who can acknowledge that there can be no competition in artistic expression; it would not have been the same without you.

You have enriched our lives.

So this is where Raketkanon ends. We will do one more club tour between now and February 2020, and are working on a couple of festivals in 2020 which will be announced as soon as possible.

All four of us will continue making music. We are ending this project in peace and love among and for each other, and wish you nothing but exactly that.

Thank you,


Pieter De Wilde
Lode Vlaeminck
Jef Verbeeck
Pieter-Paul Devos

Mind Rays

Mind Rays is een luide punkband met een rauwe sound en staan bekend om hun wilde live shows. In 2017 kwam de debuutplaat ‘Nerve Endings’ uit die direct veel lovende recensies ontving. Op de tweede full-lenght LP is een krachtige evolutie van het geluid van de band te horen. Voor deze LP doken ze de Hightime Studio in met Pieter-Paul Devos (Raketkanon, Kapitan Korsakov).

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