Vrijdag 26 januari
1985 Music: Alix Perez, Visages, SP:MC
SVB & Scepticz and many more
22:00 (Doors: 22:00)
Jupiler Zaal, Kleine Zaal
22:00 (Doors: 22:00) | Jupiler Zaal, Kleine Zaal
€ 22,50

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  • drum & bass
TRIBE and Curated by are delighted to announce that the legendary 1985 Music will touch down in MEZZ Breda for a night filled with the characteristic drum and bass sound Alix Perez' label is known for.

This will be your only chance in 2024 to see 1985 AND Alix Perez in the Netherlands and Belgium, so do not miss out on this one. All wrapped in the cozy, intimate ambiance MEZZ is known for. Tickets are limited. Get yours while you can.


◾️ Alix Perez
◾️ Visages
◾️ SP:MC
◾️ SVB
◾️ Scepticz
◾️ Abstract
◾️ A-Flex
◾️ Creek

Age: 18+

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